With Rawdon’s being one of the largest and most complete regiments in the ECWS, there are so many different roles for you to choose from!


Artillery, Pike, Musket, Drums, Living History and more!




Trailing the Pike

‘Even so’ is the reply from the disguised Henry V as he is asked ‘Trail’st thou the Puissant Pike?’ by curious Sentries the night before the Battle of Agincourt. To William Shakespeare at least, there was only one weapon that was fit for a King to wield were he to fight in the ranks…




For much of the Civil War, an army would consist of larger numbers of musketeers than of any other soldier. By 1645, a Regiment of Foote would look to recruit 2/3 of its soldiers to join the Divisions of ‘Shotte’, where they were armed with the ‘Matchlock Musket’ and trained to inflict leaden death upon their enemies…



To soldiers in the 1640s, one of the most frightening sights would have been to spy the looming presence of artillery across the battlefield

Drums and Colours


Living History


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