“The Enemy’s Cannon did play most heavily upon the Red Regiment of the Trained Bands, they did some execution against us the first, and were somewhat dreadful when men’s  bowels and brains flew in our faces…” – Memoir of the Battle of Newbury 20th September 1643

To soldiers in the 1640s, one of the most frightening sights would have been to spy the looming presence of artillery across the battlefield. A Gunne would bellow with a frightening explosion, the loudest noise ever heard by most men in the ranks, and it could kill from a thousand yards away – far beyond the reach of the soldiers’ swords, Pikes, or even the muskets. And while individual ‘cannon-balls’ might miss their targets, at close range the Artillery could unleash case-shot packed with lethal musket-balls - able to kill or wound dozens of your soldiers. Castles and City Walls that in the past could have taken weeks for your soldiers to besiege and storm can now be taken in a matter of days thanks to the ability of the artillery to blast holes in the walls.

Fortunately, when Rawdon’s Regiment marches into battle, we have our own artillery support alongside us. The Rawdon’s Gunne is a Drake Minion, one of the largest pieces in the King’s Army and firing a 4 pound charge of Gunpowder. Our Gun crew is highly trained and prides itself as one of the fastest-firing in the Army as it bombards Roundhead soldiers from a great distance. The Gun unleashes as much firepower as 20 musketeers and at a far greater range, so it packs quite a punch!

If you would like to join the Rawdon’s Gunne Crew, we shall be happy to meet you, train you, and lead you onto the Battlefield where we bombard our enemies and slay those who would do mischief against King Charles.



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